LAVREB is the Laboratory of Virtual Reality and Economic Behavior at the University of Siena

The main purpose of LAVREB is to investigate economic behavior through virtual reality technologies by using computer simulations and virtual environments.

Computer simulations are “desktop or low-immersive virtual environments” (LIVE) and use computer screen based applications of virtual reality taking many different forms, from renderings of 3-dimensional geometric shapes to interactive, computerized laboratory experiments.

Virtual environments are generated by technologies that allow to explore and manipulate computer-generated multimedia environments in real time. These high-immersive virtual environments (HIVE) can be  presented on multiple, room-size screens or through a stereoscopic, head-mounted display.

The Laboratory of Virtual Reality and Economic Behavior organizes and hosts Conferences, Workshops, Seminars and Research Meetings. It also aims to extend teaching boundaries in an economical manner by using virtual reality as an educational tool.